Intermediate Video

During first semester of junior year, I took Intermediate Video with Chris Skinner. Over the course of four months, we had three large video projects to design and produce — two were to be originals, and one was to be a reproduction of something from Hollywood.

Project 1: Amy, OCDWatch it!

For this project, unfortunately, the introductory blog post was also the final one; I hadn't yet thought to write about the process as it went along.

Project 2: The Usual SuspectsWatch it!

This was (obviously) the reproduction piece; I chose to reproduce the last three-or-so minutes of The Usual Suspects. I wrote a number of blog posts along the way: Shots, Audio, a Script; Props; Mug Smash; And so it begins...; and, finally, That's a Wrap!

Project 3: α ↔ ωWatch it!

The final project also consumed the most time by far — and I didn't manage to finish it in time. While I was hoping to get timelapse video of plants both growing and dying, I failed to kill any plants within the timeframe of the project. Luckily, however, I got plenty of footage of growth.

This project was unique out of these three (and out of the class) because it was created entirely without the use of a real video camera, instead being formed from tens of thousands of frames from two still cameras.

There were a bunch of blog posts while the project was still in progress: The Beginnings; An Introduction; The Process; More Pictures; and The End.