Source Code

Sometime during Fall '09, I became somewhat angry at WordPress; updates (necessary for "security") kept breaking my theme, and I was having other sorts of unpleasant issues. A few months earlier I had read Brent Simmons' blog post on his new publishing system for Inessential and Ranchero, and had at the time quite enjoyed the thought of a completely static publishing system. Between coming completely under my control and having no reason for security updates (how do you exploit a static site?), it was becoming an increasingly attractive solution.

So, I set out to write my new blog software. It's all written in Python, and backed by Git. It's not particularly unique or interesting, but it is mine, and behaves in the way that I expect it to, which is a nice change...

It currently takes just over three seconds to rebuild the whole site from scratch, which includes about 500 generated files. It uses Genshi for templating, too, providing a nice way to abstract away stuff I don't want to see or duplicate.