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libseed provides dynamic JavaScript bindings to a significant portion of the Gnome platform. It utilizes gobject-introspection to obtain the metadata required to bind the Gnome libraries, and WebKit's JavaScriptCore to interpret JavaScript.

Initially written as a small component of a larger RCOS project (the remainder of which was too large in scope and never came to fruition), Seed ended up becoming the primary project of Robb and I for many months. I continue to maintain it, and even worked on it as a part of my GSoC'09 project.

The primary use of libseed is as an embeddable extension language; however, one can also use it to write ground-up programs in JavaScript.

Seed is now used as both the extension language for Epiphany as well as the language which two Gnome Games (Lights Off and Swell Foop) are written in.