Would You Like Some Python With That?

2009.11.21 in code and personal

If you're actually *crazy*, you might have noticed that the design of this page changed a bit about a week ago. This isn't because I've been tweaking my WordPress theme — I got sick of that a long time ago. No, instead, I replaced this all with a solution much more amenable to my own mindset; a completely-statically-generated, git-backed, python-based blog. It's not an interesting project in and of itself; every programmer writes blog software at least once in their early life (and this is poorly-written, just like most of them!).

It's really only interesting in that I'll note that only the RSS2 feeds will work from now on; no more Atom/RSS 0.9, because I don't care enough. RSS feeds are the archive page url (for the main archive or any category) + "/feed", just like before.

With that said, this is my first post entirely with the new system, so hopefully everything will go smoothly! I get to test it locally, then 'git push' and whoosh! magic jumps to Jayne and then off to Dreamhost.