What's in Your Pockets??

2010.08.07 in personal

Front Left

Badge, apartment gate key, office key, apartment key, Firefly-class transport ship model.

Awesome headphones, which will be getting their own post shortly.

Front Right

My phone, without which I would be horribly lost.

Back Right

Amy made me this wallet... three years ago, I think (Amy, it might need repairs or replacement at some point!). I was going to fan out the contents, but basically the whole picture would have to be blurred out due to the various CC/ID numbers. It also contains transportation passes for three big cities (NYC, Boston, and San Diego), and a surprising number of gift cards (bookstores and iTS, mostly).

And a folded 8.5x11" map of Qualcomm San Diego, which has been there since the third day of work:

Now it's your turn! Mine wasn't very surprising at all...