2008.05.12 in personal, school, and summer of code

Looking around at the things we're supposed to do in preparation for the start of Google's Summer of Code, I found that we have a GSoC planet; this, of course, meant it was time for me to set up a blog! I imagine I'm going to end up using this for lots of random stuff besides GSoC, but that's the inspiration for getting over the initial hurdle of getting Wordpress installed on my painfully questionably-supported PowerMac G4 desktop running Debian (my 'server').

So — in short — if you're here, you either know me from school, GSoC, or you're family, most likely. A quick introduction — I'm in my freshman/sophomore summer; I go to college at RPI, mostly in CS and Physics (though we'll see how much physics actually gets done...). My Summer of Code project involves porting the Enlightenment Project's Evas library (and bits and pieces of other libraries) to Mac OS X, so that applications built on top of the EFL platform will run natively on OS X. That's the plan, anyway! We'll see how it goes, but no matter what it's going to be lots of fun!