Version Control

2008.12.23 in code

So! I recently realized that the dump probably wasn't the best way to share code. Actually, that's not a recent realization... I just finally got around to doing something about it.

Anyway — I decided to move things into a bazaar repository. There's some code there already, and I've been actively using it for stuff I'm working on now (which I'll write about later). Also, a bzr copy of WebKit, because Robb had forgotten about git://, and wanted a DVCS copy of WebKit to help him out... it took quite a few days to generate, so I'm going to leave it there (and keep it up to date).

The repository is accessible through a loggerhead web interface, at:

If you have SSH access to Jayne, you can use:


to access the repository. You can also create new repositories, and commit to my stuff (but be nice!). Make a new subdirectory of /bzr on Jayne and bzr init inside of it — everything's writable by all of you.

If you don't have SSH access, you can check out projects with:

Anyway... have fun!

P.S. You might want to update your bzr install. I use rich root, for the bzr-svn stuff (WebKit, nano), so you need a recent version. I'm not even sure the bzr that shipped with Intrepid is new enough.

EDIT: This is no longer true; I've moved some things to Git, which is how I'm storing everything from here on out.