TUS : Shots, Audio, a Script

2009.09.25 in school and video

I guess I'm going to write a little bit every few days about the process of this whole recreate-the-last-3:30 of The Usual Suspects thing.

Connor is going to be Kujan (the investigator/police person). We'll have to find/fake suspenders, somehow. For him, and for Rabin (the other cop). Need to find someone good for Verbal (this is vital), and someone reasonable for Rabin. Kobayashi, too, and Keaton, and another extra cop. That's all, really, most of the other people are from behind or such so they can be anybody.

I sat down and stepped through the video and wrote down every shot. Fun! I started, but haven't quite finished (it's done now), stepping through and writing down all of the audio (well, primarily the dialogue, I'll worry about music later).

I also found a copy of the script online. Unfortunately it's a little different from what actually ended up happening... and misses the audio montage during the last 3:00 or so.