Things I'm Excited For, Early 2010 Edition

2010.03.07 in personal

There's all sorts of exciting things to think about right now!

First off, this is spring break, so I have a nice week to relax without too much worry about school stuff. Second off, it's also show week for Amy, so that means there's going to be an awesome Colchester Theatre Company production to partake in at the end of the week! Dad says the set is enormous, and Amy hasn't started worrying about things coming together as much as she usually does, so it should be excellent! Being home also means getting to see Kaitlyn for the first time since winter break, which should be awesome :-) All wonderful things!

Next, Carol and I are going to New York City (center of the universe!) in three weeks (on the 29th)! I acquired tickets to see Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (as She & Him) at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan, and I'm super excited! I haven't been able to stop playing Volume One since I first heard it (shortly after (500) Days of Summer was released). I think we're going to go down early enough to also spend some time in NYC — it's always a treat to hang out with Carol, doubly so with her only being in Troy on weekends this semester!

Ah, yes, there's an Apple logo up there. There really ought to be MacBook Pros coming out... this is coming close to being the longest time between MBP/PowerBook updates ever (or at least since ~2002)... just when it's time to upgrade. Come on, guys! But that makes me even more excited to see what they're working on (I hope!)... Luckily Dad's display clamps seem to be holding Kaylee together for the time being, so my last post about this topic was a little premature.

And finally, games! I was excited for Supreme Commander 2, but that already happened, and didn't totally deliver on the excitement (I don't like it when they dumb down übercomplicated games after you've gotten used to the complication). Valve, however, most likely won't fail me, so I'm allowed to frantically anticipate the recently announced Portal 2 as much as I want to! Portal is one of my favorite games, and was actually my first WASD+mouse game (make whatever of that you will), so it holds a special place in my heart (and how could you not adore the companion cube? it even speaks to you!). On top of that, they seem to be hinting at (with awesome fake Apple ads) an announcement of — gasp — a port of Source and Steam to OS X, which would be totally awesome, especially with a new laptop to go with it!

EDIT: Valve officially announced Steam + Source for Mac, as well as the ability to play games you've purchased in Windows on OS X for free. Awesome! They never disappoint... except Ep. 3...