The Usual Suspects : That's a Wrap!

2009.10.15 in school and video

After I got home from Boston and finished Tuesday's homework, it was time to finish up my recreation of the last three minutes of The Usual Suspects. I had edited a good deal of the video while on the train; during that part, I had an epiphany of ridiculousness, as I realised I was editing video, composing music, and mixing audio on a 1800s era transportation device, using an inch-thick slab of aluminum and silicon... quite ridiculous!

I had a lot of trouble composing the background music for this on the train; once I got home, I borrowed Robb's mini-keyboard, and things got a lot better.

The raw music, for your listening "pleasure":

Background Music!

The Final Chord!

What you've all been waiting for, the video!, or Quicktime+H.264 format

The short-and-silly blooper reel!, or Quicktime+H.264 format

Nate's face (in not-quite-police-sketch-mode), which comes printing out of the printer as the reveal takes place:

The final cast list is also up. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to convince as many people as I would have liked to help me, so there were some shots which were infeasible, and I ended up playing quite a few people (Kobayashi and Keaton, most importantly, but also all of the rest of the usual suspects, except Verbal, of course).

I now have to figure out what I'm going to do next! We have one more project; the only requirement is that it be between three and 12 minutes long... that's awfully open-ended for me! We'll see! I'd really love if I could avoid having people in my next project (not that I don't love you guys, but it's a hassle working around a bunch of people's class schedules); I'd be even more happy if I could avoid the ER (that's equipment, not emergency), by doing something involving only what I can do with my still camera. We'll see, again!