The San Diego Zoo

2010.05.30 in personal and photography

I got up early this morning and found my way — through various bus rides — to downtown San Diego, in the vicinity of Balboa Park. I walked over to the Zoo (which involved going down a ridiculously steep hill to reach a footbridge over a gigantic freeway), pausing briefly to talk to Carol for a few minutes before I paid my entrance fee and entered the ridiculously bustling "lobby".

I posted a whole bunch of pictures on Flickr (do note that there are four pages on that set!), but I've pulled a few notable ones out here for people who don't have time for 200+ pictures. I'm tired and sunburnt, so I'm not going to write any comments about them, you're free to browse them at your leisure. As always, clicking on a picture will load a bigger copy.

I like taking pictures of animals; they're more interesting than plants, but they're less judgmental than humans. Perfect!