Slow Transition to S3

2010.03.07 in code and personal

I finished another part of my slow transition away from Dreamhost and on to Amazon's S3 for this site last night: I deleted everything related to this domain from Dreamhost. This meant setting up the Google App Engine proxy I've been thinking about for a while (which ended up being a just slight bit of horrific hackery upon shrub), and moving my DNS stuff back to the much-less-flexible 1and1 servers (which I get for free with my registration). This is a really ugly solution, because it adds another bounce for all HTML pages, but it still seems to be faster than Dreamhost, somehow.

It's mostly all working - unfortunately, GAE apps can't run on a naked domain, so the www is required now - any links to a subdirectory of will redirect to the toplevel page. But I decided the temporary inconvenience was well worth the ~10$/month savings, so that's OK.

Also, links from more than 8-10 months ago are completely invalid now (I had a bunch of redirects, before, but they're gone now too in the shuffle). But that's OK, too. Really, who keeps around links to my blog? All of the internal links should be valid... I guess the big issue is things subscribed to RSS feeds with the naked domain. (I've already fixed a few random things I've found with this... I should check on Planet Gnome and stuff, too...)

I just have to move Carol and Matt, and then everything will be great - I've spent less than a dollar over the course of 2 months or so of S3... excellent!

I expect to find things broken over the course of the next few days... if anyone else runs into anything, let me know!

The proxy code is on Github.