She & Him; some ants

2009.09.14 in thoughts

Two very quick things before I go to bed; class tomorrow! Amy was here this weekend... we had a great deal of fun recording some video for class, playing with the ants (more on that in a minute), losing my keys, and seeing Deerhunter and Boredoms at EMPAC!

She & Him

After seeing (500) Days of Summer with Mom and Amy, I found a music video of Zooey Deschanel (if you follow that link, disregard her IMDB profile picture...) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the two stars of the movie, the former being the über-adorable actress from the recent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, Elf, and Tin Man, among other awesome things, the latter being one of the leads in 3rd Rock from the Sun, and her costar in (500) Days of Summer), dancing to a song which was clearly recorded by Zooey. I'd known she could sing since Elf, but was quite happy to find out she's actually recorded a whole album, as the band She & Him, along with 'him', producer M. Ward.

She & Him, Volume One is a really awesome album. I guess I was a little surprised that I could enjoy music that sounds so... old. It really sounds like it's from the 40s or 50s or so, mostly in the way that it's slow and very vocal-centric, but even recording-quality wise (which is a little unfortunate, but other than that, really awesome). In any case, Zooey's voice makes this a really cheery album (even if some of the songs are sadder in nature), and definitely one that everyone should at least give a chance, because it's so pretty!

EDIT: apparently there's ANOTHER music video for this song; I'll watch it tomorrow when Matt's not asleep and I can have music!

EDITx2: and one for my favorite of their songs, too... actually apparently that's someone's drawings along with the song, but whatever... still awesome!


The ants for Matt's ant farm arrived this weekend; as such, we spent a good part of the weekend doing entertaining things with ants. Most entertainingly, we put a live webcam on the ants, at least for a little while. This resulted in some insanity when we decided to spice up the ant's living environment, and even more insanity when we started to get viewers from around the internet. We ended up staying up an extra two hours to talk to people on the internet watching our ants, and taking requests for music to play to them! Good fun...