Seed, the module!

2009.07.27 in gnome and summer of code

Last Wednesday, I got a wonderful email saying that Seed (alongside numerous other awesome projects) was accepted as an official GNOME module for 2.28. Many thanks to the release team and everyone who spoke out in support of us during the discussion period!

I've got no idea what's next in terms of things to do to get Seed ready for 2.28; I've been away (in Boston, visiting colleges with my little sister), so I haven't had a chance to look around and see what sort of work is involved. If anyone has any pointers, let me know!

Unfortunately my travel-netbook (Eee901) decided that Clutter wasn't something it wanted to deal with (on Karmic with xorg-edgers PPA, so I'm not surprised...), so I didn't get much GNOME Games work done this week, in Boston. I wrote some Seed documentation on the bus ride down, though. Oh, well. More to do this week!

In other news, I want some Tango t-shirts...

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Good to hear about seed! Rock on :)

And let's hope that
a) those nice seed games will make it into gnome-games 2.28!
b) seed extensions will no longer block epiphany's shutdown in 2.28 :)
c) gnome-shell will be ported to seed... :D


No-homo: Nice shirt ;)


Yay for Seed! I hope this will come with many available GIR's in many languages. GNOME will become a platform of choice :-)

Jeff Waugh

Tango shirts... aaaaawesome! :-)

Andreas Nilsson

Just one colored t-shirts with a logo on them sounds like a excellent idea. Lets do these for the GNOME store!