Seed, Intervalometer, School, etc.

2008.11.13 in code, gnome, personal, photography, and school

It's been a while since I've written anything terribly much here, so I'm going to make a nice rambling post spanning various different subjects...

Firstly, Seed! We're going to spend a lot of time finishing up Seed 0.2.0 during the next day-cycle (whatever that means, these days — last night, I went to sleep at 8PM and got up this morning at 4 to do homework...). We'll most likely release this weekend. Robb's changed the core a lot this time around — we get struct support, a much, much better memory footprint, GObject properties (and, probably, signals) from Javascript, Cairo support (it's not pretty, but it works!), many improved examples and tests. Also, exceptions work in a lot more places now, making it much easier to debug apps.

I've also been rewriting Matt's Lights Off example in Clutter — I'll upload a video when I get back if I can figure it out — it's incredibly awesome!

On another note: I got female headers and got the LCD interfaced properly to the PCB; I've taken lots of notes for revision B of the PCB, which should be the "final" revision. I've also started a Keynote (I'll post it here when I'm done) that I'm going to present to E-Club closer to the end of the semester, detailing the project from beginning to "end", as well as what I learned about executing a "project".

As for school — everything's wrapping up; last horrific diff.eq. homework next week, last data structures lab next week, etc. I'm currently in the middle of the last project for VisComm, which is where the muffin pictures on Flickr come from. You really need to take a look at this one full-size... it's... scary!

I'm calling Carol's landlord later tonight to schedule an apartment tour... yikes!