Quick Notes

2009.05.03 in school

I'm leaving RPI today, so I'm pulling an all-nighter to get my side of the room back into proper working order and move all of my stuff into the lounge. Sehrish is coming at 10, so I have six more hours to clean. I seem to have made a mistake, because I don't have a vacuum, Robb's asleep, and I still have more cleaning to do (the bed isn't even back together, mostly because of the lack of a vacuum, actually).

I moved this site to Dreamhost last night, so it'll probably act a little differently. Also, stuff like the Aperture archive, Git, SSH, Planet, etc. won't be back up for a few days, and I'll post about what's up when that comes to pass.

For now, I'll just say that I've had a great semester and I hope that the summer is even better.

P.S. As noted here, when everything comes back, Git, SSH, and things like that will be on jayne.hortont.com, instead of hortont.com directly, since they require more Jayne-eyness than Wordpress and stuff...