2010.02.19 in personal

In September of 1997 — long before I can really remember — Vivian and Margaret adopted two then-very-young kittens, Peanut, and Punkin. Over the course of the last 13 years, we've visited them more times than I can possibly count, quickly becoming good friends.

Punkin was always the more friendly of the two. Peanut was often skittish, hiding from deluges of affection which his brother would take rather in stride and return tenfold, every single time.

While we all certainly love Punkin, Peanut, and their adopted sister Troi immensely, it's not — by any means — a stretch to say that Punkin was first in most people's hearts, if only because of his ridiculous capacity for affection.

Unfortunately, he was also first to get sick. A few years back, he developed diabetes; Vivian and Margaret have since given him insulin twice a day and continued to provide a wonderful home and all the love he — or anyone — could possibly want.

Punkin had to be put to sleep yesterday, due to various complications from his diabetes. It was a sad day for everyone — this has been very hard to write — but as he leaves us we can keep in mind all of the incredibly adorable and fun times we all shared with him during the last decade. He was certainly my closest animal friend by far, and may always be. He will be missed by all, and never forgotten.