Pre-WWDC '08

2008.06.09 in thoughts

Guesses? Hopes?

  • OS 10.6: short babble, no PPC, yes 32-bit, yes Carbon.
  • iPhone OS 2.0 (OS 10.6??): today.
  • Cheap iPhone: <<< 300$.
Mostly probably things we aren't expecting. Hopefully everyone who's out there has fun :-)

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So - points to you for prices, thinner, but fail for camera and no GPS. Points to you also for MobileMe. LOLCAT isn't until after lunch california time, so we won't know for a bit... (and it IS Snow Leopard, interesting)


I actually _can't_ tell you what's in the SDK. Maybe later today :-D

We'll see about the power vs. GPS thing! 3G is obviously toggleable (that's been in OS2 builds for a long time now)... so. Who knows? Also, if you only power on the GPS for a few seconds here and there (when grabbing a location), and cache location between applications (ahem NDA lol), that shouldn't be a problem.

OS X LOLCAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. and so not happening.

Macbooks don't already have multitouch?? MBP does :-P

Yeah MobileMe is definitely a someday thing. Maybe today?

Cloudlol. But yeah... I'd love a much more powerful ".Mac", especially with some sort of distributed, fast, epically large storage.

iChat for Windows. I saw that. Where in hell did that one come from? Also, there's /not/ going to be a repeat of that debacle. They ... uh ... sorta fixed it. Kinda.


God your comments are broke in Firefox RC2 and I c/ped wrong into Safari

Also .mac gets rebranded and gets more features to decentralize apps so that iPhone and future sub-air can interface better and so they can put their foot forward for cloud computing.

My bingo number is 4429

Also iChat for windows. After so succesfully using software update from iTunes to get Safari in, I think they will get an entire suite on Windows in no time.


here is the truth about the iPhone:

-Front-facing camera
-$199 for 8gigs and $299 for 16gigs with 2 year contract

There is no way apple would be 3G and GPS in the phone with battery life concerns, especially with the triangulation in there. I think it may be featured more prominently so it can compete with GPS, is it in the SDK?

And when the iPhone gets the subsidy that AT&T wants to give to compete with RIM, what are they going to do with the touch prices? Add 3G :D?

Macbooks get multitouch, maybe 3G integration?

OS 10.6 Snow Leopard/LOLcat will be intel only and the focus will be to run fast. Air will eventually see lower-end models.

Solid state drives in the macbook/pro line.

Thats my far-reaching predictions.

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