Planet, Same Game, and more...

2009.02.03 in code and gnome

Robb just posted a bit about what we've been working on recently... I won't talk about everything, but I will repost the two awesome videos:

The game I wrote over the last few days, in Seed, using Clutter and stuff:

Same Gnome Clone — In Seed! from Tim Horton on Vimeo.

Robb's Tetris, done in Vala and Seed together (and Clutter, of course):

Tetris from Robert Carr on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, both!

Also, we have a Planet, just for the lols. It updates every hour, I hope (waiting for 1PM to see if Robb's post and this one show up). Aggregates Robb, Matt, Carol, Savvy, and I. Ha!

Epiphany extensions are pretty cool, too. Robb's post talks all about what to do with them. Really you'll know a lot more if you just go read his post!

EDIT: I've removed the Vimeo embeds so that Planet is happier.