2010.04.22 in personal

Almost exactly two months ago, I wrote about the loss of Punkin, Vivian and Margaret's cat; I also mentioned his brother, Peanut, briefly.

Unfortunately, it seems that Peanut was unable to cope with his brother's absence. It came as a surprise when Vivian told me that he was ill on Wednesday evening; they had mentioned that he seemed a bit lost without Punkin, but I didn't realize just how much. By Thursday, his organs had failed to the point where they had to put him to sleep.

Peanut was the skittish of the pair, for sure. He would often dart away from affection; though that tendency weaned significantly in his later years. Still, when you managed to catch up with him, he could be just as loving as his sibling.

It's hard to believe he's gone now, just a few weeks after I last visited him (on Easter weekend); we'll miss Peanut dearly, but I think he's probably happier now alongside his brother, as he always was when they were both with us.