OpenGL Success!

2008.05.25 in code and summer of code

YAY! Here's EVAS drawing to OpenGL-on-Quartz!

I have some issues...

1) I can't drag/resize/focus the window. At all. I don't know why.

2) I'm currently using Carbon to create the window. That's kind of awkward because of the semi-deprecated state of Carbon in Leopard... that would prevent us from ever having a 64-bit Evas-on-OS-X application. I would like to use Cocoa, of course. For one, that would greatly reduce the amount of code required; secondly, it would probably fix #1 without any fuss; thirdly, it would fix the 64-bit problem, and be much more forward-compatible. However, I really can't fight with Autotools any more today, so I won't be getting Objective-C into the mix today, so... no Cocoa! Perhaps tomorrow. Or next week. Or something!

3) No input. This might be because I can't give it focus, but I think the fact that I don't handle input is also why I can't focus the window. Catch-22!