My Slight Issue, Storage Edition

2008.06.13 in personal

I was just working on various things when I noticed a slight problem with my computer:

Yep. See that nice bar at the bottom? That's all I've got left. And this is pretty cleaned up. Up there at the top is my Aperture (left) and iTunes (right) libraries, consuming approximately 55% of my disk. Yeah.

Not entirely sure what to do! Time for a purge? *do not want*

Comments (legacy)


I would use my 250GB external drive for Aperture, but it's currently in a LVM pool with two others, shared over the not-fast-enough-for-Aperture network... and the pool is full enough that I can't pull the drive off of it. Silly Cary3...

MEMRISTORS, of course!

Purge. yeah. I purged bits and pieces of the bits and pieces of my selective install of Final Cut Studio again - always the first thing to go!


How about a 1TB external for the pics? (Assuming this is your laptop)
RAID server?
Quantum Dot memory?