2008.05.30 in code

Here's my (slow, naïve, resource hungry, stupid) implementation of Conway's Game of Life in a Mac OS X screensaver. Source here.

Don't use it on a laptop — it'll suck your battery dry. Don't use it on big displays (it works on my 1440x900 MacBook Pro on battery power just fine, but heats up one of the cores almost completely), it'll be slow. Basically, I'm just posting it here ... for fun. I know there's a billion better ways to do Life. Maybe someday, but not today!

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"You know, people think mathematics is complicated. Mathematics is the simple bit. Its the stuff we can understand. Its cats that are complicated. I mean, what is it in those little molecules and stuff that make one cat behave differently than another, or that make a cat? And how do you define a cat? I have no idea." - John Conway


Cute :-) hahahahaha

I agree! Cats ... are ... puzzling.