2010.06.22 in fooding and personal

Last night, I was missing Carol, so I made lasagna (do I really need an excuse?). It turned out wonderfully, but that only made it worse...

There are a few not-so-great-because-they're-taken-with-a-phone-but-whatever pictures over at Flickr. I'm leaving myself enough in the way of notes to be able to hopefully duplicate it in the future.

The sauce was two jars of pasta sauce (some manner of garlic flavor) plus a pound and a half of ground beef, a pound of sweet italian sausage (cut into little slices), slices of onion, shredded fresh basil, and some parsley. The ricotta had garlic salt and parsley added to it, as well as one egg. The noodles are some manner of whole wheat variety, and I did cook them before construction (as Carol does, but apparently Mom does not). I left the top noodles naked, and they got crispy-but-not-too-crispy, leaving a nice topping.