iTunes Library Size, Over Time

2008.05.27 in code and music

I've recently been merging a few different music libraries together into my iTunes library on my laptop, so I was interested to see what sort of growth my library's had, over time. I whipped up a quick Perl script (which you can grab yourself, here — though you'll definitely have to modify it to work on Windows). I plotted the data from my library with Mathematica, and got this:

There's now a cleaner-but-less-succinct Objective-C version, and its source. The built version (first link) will run and then just disappear, having created 'music-chart.csv' in your home directory, which is a CSV of: (UNIX date, iTunes Library Count) pairs. You can chart it with anything that can chart pairs... Mathematica works (ListLinePlot[Import["/Users/hortont/music-chart.csv"], PlotStyle->Thick]); Numbers might, but I've seen it do nasty things (you have to manually set minimum and maximum X values, or something...); gnuplot will definitely work...

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