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2008.07.18 in thoughts

So, one week later, it's time to write the obligatory what's-cool-in-the-app-store post! I'm sure my answers won't be any different than everyone else's, but it's this sort of post that's always funny to look back at in the future :-D

Remote — The single most awesome iPhone app, Remote lets you control iTunes on your computer from anywhere on your network, with your phone! It looks almost exactly like the 'iPod' application that's been on the iPhone since day one, but changes are instantly reflected in the music playing from iTunes!

CubicMan — The only non-free app on this list, CubicMan is a game that I remember from the jailbreak days; though it was much less polished then, it's still just as enjoyable. I'd recommend it to anyone, unless you're easily frustrated.

NetNewsWire — Brent Simmons's classic news client, for the iPhone! Syncs with the desktop client through NewsGator. The only issue I have is that it's a little pokey, but apparently he's fixed a lot of performance problems in point releases that have yet to be vetted for the App Store.

BoxOffice — Awesome local theatre search and Rotten tomatoes access app. Not much else to say!

Twitterific — The iPhone version of the Iconfactory's now-famous Twitter client; looks just as nice as its big brother, the ads on the free version aren't that annoying, and (besides Twitter downtime) the application works great!

Facebook — The 1.1 update to the official Facebook application added the one feature I was planning on complaining about: lack of wall access; indeed, it also added photo tagging, access to extended profile information, and more! This app more or less is already at the point where it completely replaces everything one could possibly want from the also-awesome web app.

midomi — A nice listen-to-music-and-find-it application. Works well for me, others aren't so happy!

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I can't WAIT to get mine!


What? No Stargazer? BubbleWrap? MonkeyBall??!!!?


At that point, I hadn't spent much money on Apps. Now I've got Super Monkey Ball and Things, too, which are both very cool (SMB's a bit tougher than I expected, though Dad + Amy are better at it than me).

Things is... awesome. I haven't had an easily accessible always-with-me to-do list since the Palm days... and this is SO MUCH NICER.