Intervalometer take 2

2009.02.14 in code and photography

I got a "PACKAGE RECEIPT NOTIFICATION" email today. Not being sure what it was, I figured I'd pick it up on Tuesday, when the package center reopened. However, walking to lunch today, I noticed they kept it open specially, for Valentines Day (or Singles Awareness Day, or whatever, depending if you're Nate, Carol, or the rest of us)... I stopped by, and now I'm the proud owner of two copies of the second revision of the Intervalometer board!

I got it all soldered up today, and it's working wonderfully so far! I made the jump to 3.3V (with one of Sparkfun's new 3.3V LCDs); I haven't gotten output hooked up yet, and won't, today, since I have to finish some stuff with the secondary microcontroller that's in charge of the trigger and output and stuff... including actually acquiring the exact chip I'm going to use there.

Here's a shot of it, all clean-like, with the LCD attached, and power from a 3.3V regulator:

The code/schematic/etc. is all in bzr, the pictures are all on Flickr!

I'll keep writing, especially once I make a box (which I can do now!! finally!)