Independence Day Weekend, San Diego : Part 3

2010.07.05 in personal

The last day of this weekend involved very little other than the ending of an almost-fifteen-year-long tale (75% of my life!) — that of Woody, Buzz, and company. Toy Story came out just about a year after we moved to Vermont; the second, when I was on my way to middle school; the third and final, just before I start my last year of college. All along, I've been just a few (about three) years older than Andy (indeed — he's exactly Amy's age), growing up alongside his story. Nothing I can say can add to the tens of thousands of words already published about their many wonders, I can only thank Pixar for giving my generation our stories, something unique and special to hold onto and cherish as a part of our childhood for the rest of our lives, and also for bringing me to laughter and tears in public on many occasions. I can't wait to see what's next...

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