Independence Day Weekend, San Diego : Part 2

2010.07.05 in fooding and personal

Does anybody remember when there used to be code on this blog?! What happened to that?? :)

Today was a bit more relaxed than yesterday — I spent a few hours picking out food for the week, shopping (my first time at Ralph's, following Mike's suggestion), and cooking. I made a pretty awesome broiled steak (there are grills downstairs, but that whole concept is way too scary for me!), some potatoes (butter and rosemary), and Nigella's white chocolate mint mousse (which I love dearly and have made quite a few times).

I've never tried to cook a fancy steak before, but I think it came out pretty well; less well-done than I usually prefer, but I was told that brown-insides and broiling don't go well (something about burning the edges), and I didn't mind, as it tasted great.

I also got some of reddit's favorite dipping sauce, sriracha, and dipped some of the less-seasoned potatoes in that. It was... pretty hot. Dad would probably enjoy it immensely; I'm going to try cooking with it tomorrow and see how that goes — it will either be a huge disaster (my vote) or wonderful (the opinion of many people on the internet whom I have no reason to trust but go along with anyway).

By the time I was cooking, I was resigned to a firework-less July 4th (probably my first!), mostly because of transportation issues. After I was finished eating, I decided that I'd take the bus over to the beach, and walk back if I had to...

When I got there, the La Jolla Cove fireworks were just starting. All, in all, an average fireworks show, comparable to Burlington's — exciting mostly for the rarity, but I would have been sad had I missed it! Unfortunately, I didn't get any decent pictures of the fireworks, as I was sans-tripod and not in a great spot anyway... they're always better in real life!

We were also treated to two other regional fireworks shows, running simultaneously with ours — one up on the hill just south of La Jolla Shores, and one over the ocean a bit northward. Being able to look around at different shows actually made today somewhat neat and unique, certainly more interesting than having a single set in the sky!

I managed to catch the last bus home, just after the show ended, yay! No four mile walk in the dark for me!