Hello, Planet! (and, about Games+GSoC)

2009.05.05 in gnome and summer of code

It would appear that I've been added to Planet GNOME as a result of my summer job working on GNOME Games as a part of Google Summer of Code, so I figured it would only be appropriate if I introduced myself!

I started out as a lurker in this community almost a decade ago, when I was deciding what DE to use on my hand-me-down 100MHz IBM desktop my parents got me so I'd stop breaking their computer by installing a different distro every week. I was still in elementary school at the time, so I was (reasonably) encouraged to not participate in the community for privacy and maturity reasons, and eventually I drifted off to OS X for a few years.

Over the course of the last two years, however, Robb has dragged me to a FOSSCamp and a GNOME Summit Boston (and, we're going to UDS Barcelona, too!), and I've been quite reintroduced to the community. Being off at University (I'm at RPI, studying Computer Science) means I can participate all I want.

Anyway... Robb, Matt (another friend of ours from RPI), and I are the developers of Seed, which many of you have probably heard of (if not, try it out!). I'm using Seed this summer in order to port Mines to Clutter, as well as to complete my port of Same Gnome, and the new game, Lights Off, both of which I wrote during the development of Seed as examples.

I have a feeling that I have a good bit more time in the summer than is required to finish and polish these three things, so I expect to end up doing more; I'm currently in the middle of sending an email to my mentor, Thomas Andersen, to say hello and start to form a course of action (perhaps, once all I've promised to do is done, he'll have some ideas to move forward with!).

In any case... hello, Planet!, and I hope to see you all again, soon.

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Máirín Duffy

Hi Tim, I'm happy to see a fellow RPI CS-er on GNOME Planet! I graduated RPI CS '03 and I work at Red Hat now.

Thomas Andersen

Hi Tim

I guess I get to say hello first :)

I'm really looking forward to working with you on this. And don't worry. If you finish early I have lots of extra things to work on planned :) This is going to be a very exciting summer for gnome-games.

Kalle Persson

Hi Tim!
Congratulations on becoming a GSOC student!

I watched those two videos and they looked great. I can't wait to control something as awesome as clutter with something as familiar as JavaScript. Are there any docs or similiar that you can point me to that can get me started on Seed powered Clutter stuff?