Happy Moon Day!

2009.07.20 in gnome, personal, and summer of code

As I'm sure everyone knows already, it's the 40th anniversary of Armstrong & Aldrin's landing on the moon. I really wish I'd been alive to see that — indeed, nobody's set foot on the moon or elsewhere in my entire lifetime so far! Hopefully we'll remedy that soon... I'd really like to visit, even if just for a short while. Someday!

It's also my 20th birthday! The 20th anniversary of the landing is pretty much one of the best possible birthdays for a geek, in my opinion...

Other things of note... the four of us are going to Boston (to visit schools with Amy) from Wednesday through Saturday; Amy's show (Romance/Romance) was excellent (one of the CTC's best...); Kaitlyn's home!; I started playing around with getting Mines going; etc.

At jclinton's request, I merged gsoc-seed-games into gnome-games master this week, so if you were tracking that, it's gone. Which, of course, means I managed to confuse some translators with unfinished strings and stuff (oops!). Hopefully that's mostly sorted out now (though I did notice that "Same GNOME (Clutter)" and "Same GNOME (Clutter, C)" are still getting translated unnecessarily, and I'm not sure what to do about that/what to call it/etc. Or, if we should just build one or the other depending on if you have Clutter or not... probably.

Some random pictures for your amusement (mostly all what people have seen before):

P.S. I apologize for shoving JavaScript and Clutter down your throats :-) (I really don't want to get in the middle of this...)

Comments (legacy)


While you are at overhauling the look and feel of the games: Would it be possible to add a resize grip (the triangular area in the lower right corner)? Many of the default games lack it and its absence is a bit annoying.

Emmanuele Bassi

many happy returns, and both games look rocking! :-D

Kris Thomsen

Looks quite cool! :D
But you need to tighten-up the "Same GNOME"-settings dialog. :)

Alexandre Franke

Did you investigate my suggestion to use the color from your theme for the tiles in Lights off?


Emmanuele: Thanks!!

Kris: Agreed, it's not quite there. I come from Cocoa (where things are much different), and most of my Gtk work is trial-and-error. I should probably read up on making things look nice, but I'm not sure where to turn (except the source for other apps that look nice).

Alexandre: Yes, I did! I actually have a theme locally which draws using your theme colors, through Cairo, and it looks like a great idea, I just have to get to the point where I can draw the tiles well with Cairo (because Robb's dream of "theme-able svgs" isn't here... unless it is?)

Armin moradi

Hey, I'm just wondering what theme you're using! (sorry for OT!) Good job, by the way, the games look very cool!


Armin: That's the shiki-colors theme (I grab it from here: https://launchpad.net/~gnome-colors-packagers/+archive/ppa ). I really like it with most things, and it has a nice dark gnome-panel background which works nice, but it doesn't destroy light-colored windows as much as some dark themes...


Brett: I'm not sure I'd call myself a Gnome developer, exactly. I mean... I have a Gnome git account and hack on Seed and Gnome Games (with the occasional miniscule and meaningless patch to something else). But like... ebassi (above) is what _I_ would consider a Gnome developer, not me!

But... besides that, the only way I've found to learn is to jump right in! If you already know C, the references for GLib and Gtk at library.gnome.org are actually pretty awesome, though they don't really help with the general overview...

Looking at other people's code helps sometimes, but that often leads to frightening things, too...

I don't know... what do you think you need to get started? If you jump right in, where do you get stuck? I'd like to know because I think it would be really awesome to *fix* this...


You're 20 and a Gnome developer? I'm 21 and don't know where to begin. Any hints?