GNOME Summit, Seed, and more!

2008.10.22 in code, gnome, and personal

Firstly, I've started tagging photos that I've used as backgrounds before here.

First-and-a-halfly: posting to WordPress from WebKit nightlies is still broken. Firefox on OS X. Yuk.

Secondly! Last weekend was the GNOME Developer's Summit; Matt and Robb and I went. We stayed at Matt's house again, which was excellent and convenient as always! The first day involved a talk from two of the awesome guys working on gobject-introspection (which is also a cornerstone of our project), which cleared up some of my fuzziness about introspection and their implementation (to some extent).

We (Robb) talked to Mark a little bit that day, and explained our plans (which I have yet to detail here, and won't today!). More about all that later...

Seed release later this week, after the planned gobject-introspection release. Yay for Seed! I'll write more about it after the release, post the tutorial I'm writing, etc. Pay no attention to the tutorial in SVN; I haven't gotten a GNOME SVN account yet, so none of my updates are there... we just switched to SVN from a Bazaar repo @ Launchpad, so all of our commit history is missing too... oh well. In any case... all will be fun!

P.S. Intervalometer is waiting on PCBs from BatchPCB, so it might be a while!

P.P.S. Registration soon (the third)! Looking at... Programming Languages, Graph Theory, Models of Computation, Multivar, Engineering Processes, Electronic Circuits (that'll get me through the end of Junior year CS and a little further... also not taking Typography this semester because apparently the teacher is... not... optimal... and everyone)

P.P.P.S. Robb's going to be working for litl starting next week. Yay for an NDA with your roommate :-P