GNOME 2.28! And, Amy with OCD.

2009.09.24 in gnome and school

GNOME 2.28 - Made to Share.

GNOME 2.28 is out! Now with 100% more Seed!

Also, last Wednesday, my first Intermediate Video project was due. I've shoved it to Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. Or not. Amy's awesome in it, but the lighting needs serious help (and I only managed to acquire one of the crappy cameras that has really poor low-light response). There are also some stories surrounding the making of this video and having to call PubSafe because I locked my keys in a room that nobody else I know has access too. Whoops!

Anyway, the next video will be mostly filmed outside; what's not being filmed outside will be filmed with lights (I'm planning on getting 6 large video lights, this time). So it should look a lot better... Unfortunately, it's also going to consume a lot of time — I'm replicating, to the best of my ability — the final 3:30 or so of The Usual Suspects. Ha! Disaster waiting to happen...

Comments (legacy)


should have used dailymotion, so that one can view the video with stock GNOME ;)


grr :-) I always forget to try things on Linux and see what's up (I do most of my work on OS X, so I don't have issues with things like that, so I'm never very conscious of them).


Vimeo is probably the least free software friendly website. The flash doesn't work with free flash and you can't download the video with clive, nor can you download raw videos without a login and they don't accept new registrations.