Stuffed Peppers, Spinach and Sandwiches

2008.07.12 in fooding

Hello again!  We made food again tonight, July 11th.  I got this crazy idea to make chicken and rice stuffed peppers, which is what we decided to make tonight.  In addition, we made buttery lemon spinach, an orange juice/lemonade/iced tea drink known as Tiger Tea and a brownie ice cream sandwich cake dessert.

We started by making the dessert, because it took the longest and had to be frozen a few times.  The first step was to make the brownie layers, which were easy to mix and bake.  Those had to cool for a while, and then the ice cream center was added.  It took a bit of effort to get the brownie out of one of the pans, which made everything a little more difficult.  And the ice cream layer, which had to be level, was interesting because we had to slice the ice cream in layers, and had to keep melting it in the oven for a few seconds at a time.  In the end, it was alright, the brownie part wasn't great, and it was really messy.

Next, we mixed up the drink.  It was made up of frozen lemonade and orange juice concentrate, water, sugar and tea.  The drink was supposed to have two quarts of water, but we only had room in the pitcher for one, so it was a bit stronger, but it was still really good.  Although it looked a little bit strange, it tasted better than we both expected.

Then we started the peppers.  We took the yellow peppers and cut holes in the top and removed all of the innards--that part was definitely not fun (I let Tim do that).  I cut an onion which was torture, and Tim 'sautéed' them and we added that to some cheese, chicken, rice and spaghetti sauce.  We spooned it into the peppers and let them cook, which confused us because we had already cooked the chicken.  Oh, and a note on the recipe, if anyone decides to make it, a cup of cooked rice is not equivalent to a cup of raw rice, but it really works fine either way.  The stuffed peppers were excellent, in all of our opinions.  This was another thing that we would definitely make again.  We might even try some different fillings since the pepper piece worked so well.  The chicken and rice worked great as well, but there are plenty of different things we could try.

The spinach was spinach and some lemon juice, butter and oil.  It was really simple to mix together and microwave for 2 minutes.  It was easy, and alright in the end.

Together, an excellent dinner—everything worked really well and tasted great!  Most of these are things we would try again.  There was a lot to be done, and it took longer than expected, but it was worth it in the end!

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How I love stuffed peppers! Next time we are in VT, make some more.


YUM! Really good food. Definitely make the stuffed peppers again. And the tea and ice cream cake.


Sounds like a visit to Joey Drive is in order. Will you feed Punkin?


Ha! Good food. Also, the ice cream cake was 100x better the second day, for sure!