Southwestern Chicken Salad Plus Sides

2008.06.30 in fooding

Hi, it's Amy again!  Our first attempt at making a full dinner together happened around June 17.  After going through about a thousand recipes, I compiled a menu for a complete dinner.  

The main dish was called Southwestern Chicken Salad—a combination of salad, baked flour tortillas, chicken, corn, black beans and tomatoes.  The dressing was a mix of barbeque sauce and ranch dressing.  It was very simple and good for the most part, though the beans and tomatoes were rather excessive.

The corn bread muffins we made from scratch came from this recipe.  They were quick and easy, but we learned that you should use Pam, not muffin papers.  Also, the recipe we used, which we found after we went shopping, used only things we already had.

As for dessert, which is apparently what we're quite good at, we made banana cream pie.  Yet again, I had to create a pie crust out of crushed graham crackers—which is never too fun.  But, on the upside, I didn't have to whip cream.  Instead of using two boxes of vanilla pudding, we had one vanilla and one banana.  Mixing the two worked quite well since we only had one banana to slice.

To complete dinner, we made Pink Honey Lemonade.  This almost didn't happen because of the lack of strawberries and the excessive simmering that had to be done, but in the end, we got the strawberries and made it work.  The lemonade tasted excellent once it was done, but a lot of work had to go into boiling the strawberries.  And we sort of failed at the lemonade bit since we only had half the amount of lemon juice necessary.

All together, it was a highly successful dinner that we pulled off in a good amount of time for all of the components.  It would have been nearly impossible to get all of this done with only one person since a lot of things had to be done simultaneously.