Peanut Butter and Fudge Pie

2008.06.30 in fooding

Hi!  I'm Amy and I'm going to be writing about the food adventures that Tim and I are taking over this summer.

After Tim made his fudge, we decided to take on a peanut butter and fudge pie on June 11th.  After we found the recipe, we secretly biked to Mazza's and picked up the graham crackers, cream and evaporated milk that we needed.

The first thing to do was figure out how to make a crust out of the graham crackers.  That turned out to be my job, and it was quite an experience.  When I made the crust, I used the wrong pan, which was too small and made the pie rather tall.

Meanwhile, Tim made more fudge that we used to make a layer between the crust and the peanut butter.  Again, he complained about the candy thermometer, which I finally understand.  He had to use a cup of water and try to sink the little fudge drops.  He layered in the fudge, while I whipped the cream with a whisk—which wasn't easy, but made a great topping.

Tim created the peanut butter filling, which stole half of my cream, and put it on top of the fudge once it had chilled.  We were both quite astonished that there was so much cream cheese in the pie, but in the end, you would never have known.  At that point, we put the pie in the fridge to cool.  I shaved a block of bittersweet chocolate with a carrot peeler to garnish the pie.

We let the pie cool, washed the dishes, mopped the horrendously dirty floor and waited to surprise our parents with our excellent dessert.  The pie was great, albeit a bit over peanut buttery in my opinion.  

While we were baking, we took some pictures of our creations.

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Thanks for sharing the pictures. I would really have liked to see one of the two of you "secretly" biking to Mazza's, just to believe it!


Hi Tim & Amy pie looks great. What a wonderful surprise for you parents
Love Grandma