2008.06.17 in fooding

Amy and I have decided we're going to make things more often (cooking/baking/whatever) especially since Mom always does all of the cooking, and that we should write about it somewhere, and keep a list of recipes that seem to have worked. So I'm going to add that as a new thing here... this blog is completely doing-it-wrong, a random assortment of literally everything, but if you don't want something, don't subscribe to that category! :-D

The random cooking this summer started with peanut butter fudge I made, around March 28th. It worked out well, though a candy thermometer would probably have made it a bit easier. I don't have any pictures, sadly, but I'd say it was pretty good. It's possible that making it without chunky peanut butter would have been a better idea, too (whoops!)...