Chicken Riggies and Ice Cream Pie

2008.07.11 in fooding

Hi, Amy again, writing before we embark on our next fooding adventure tomorrow!  On June 28, Tim and I made an attempt at a classic Utica/Rome, NY recipe called chicken riggies.  It's basically chicken and pasta (penne in our case, though rigatoni is suggested) in a creamy tomato sauce.  It's kind of odd to think of and explain, but it was actually quite great.  The most hilarious bit during cooking this was the sauce.  When you let it settle, it turned white, but when you stirred it, it turned bright orange.  Absolutely awesome.  We skipped the cooking sherri, which was fine, but I think rigatoni would have been better.

In addition, we made some cheese bread—simply a cut up loaf of Italian bread, buttered and spread with mozzarella cheese.  Then the bread was baked it for about 3 minutes, and it was nice and warm and delicious.

Our chocolate chip ice cream pie was excellent.  The crust, which I had to make again, was crushed mini chocolate chip cookies.  There was a ring of cookies around the edge.  The crust was covered in melted vanilla ice cream.  We stopped there, and decided not to follow the next step which said to wait 2 hours, then add more ice cream.  We just put a ton of ice cream on the first time and froze that.  This was definitely a dessert we would make again!

Overall, a very good dinner that was semi quick and simple.

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Are you two auditioning for the food channel? Paula Deen, look out!