First Days of '09

2009.01.24 in code, personal, school, and thoughts

It's been a long time (20 days) since my last post — in that time:

  • I've moved back to RPI and gotten settled in.
  • We have a new President! And he's already doing a much better job. *high hopes*
  • Robb and Matt (and Nate!!) and I have started our next project after Seed. I can't tell you about it yet, because we want to wow everyone once it's done.
  • I sat through a 3 hour lecture by RMS, who then stayed in Matt's dorm room, down the hall, and went to dinner with Robb and Matt! (more about this experience later)
  • I finished and ordered the second revision Intervalometer PCB, this time, for a "dual-core" intervalometer!
  • We've had two weeks of class. LITEC is ... incredibly disorganized but awesome; Graph Theory is boring and, so far, a repeat of DSA; ModComp... we'll see; SD&D is strange because it involves designing and writing software with a group of people that I don't know (they all seem cool, though!).
  • Seed got a writeup in Ars Technica, which was reposted to Slashdot and OSNews, and prompted #seed on Gnome IRC to become slightly busier than usual!
  • I got Seed working reasonably reliably on Mac OS X, and am working on MacPorts packages (waiting on a new gir-repository release), and wrote a Seed/Clutter Pong, though it's really rough and useless at the moment!
  • WebKit passed revision number 40,000. This would not be notable except for the fact that Matt has spent most of his waking hours attempting to create Arch binary packages for every single revision of WebKit.
  • New pictures! Not much, just of all of us (and of Matt's RMS-signed laptop), but still cute!