Family in La Jolla

2010.08.03 in personal and photography

Mom, Dad, and Amy came out to San Diego for the week of my 21st birthday (alternatively, to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Armstrong + Aldrin's moon landing); I took Friday off to hang out with them, but otherwise they were on their own until 5:00 or so.

This is mostly going to be pictures, with sparse commentary...

I went and picked them up at the airport (after getting there almost two hours before their flight, because they were delayed forever on the tarmac in Philadelphia due to horrible weather). We rode back up to La Jolla in their silly convertible Mustang (which was the worst car I've ever experienced in terms of purporting-to-but-failing-to-actually-fit four people).

One day in the middle of the week, the four of us hung out downstairs at my apartment complex, grilling chicken and kabobs. This was great fun! One of my favorite parts of their visit.

Now there's going to be a bunch of pictures of animals from the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park, because I love pictures of animals!

This is what happens if you accidentally send film through a whole bunch of x-ray machines at various airports. I'm actually surprised I was able to recover this much; looking at the negatives, I can't distinguish anything.

This is what happens if you buy film near the place you're going to be using it. Yay! Dik-diks!

Totally cute baby elephant...

Birds are my favorite to take pictures of, I think. I don't know why...

We visited the gliderport again, for a little while. This time, there were lots of gliders instead of mostly just hang-gliders.

On Saturday, we went downtown, and went on a two-hour cruise on the bay on this boat, the Adventure Hornblower.

The conference center, a day before we visited it. Comic-Con is going on in full-swing, but as you well know (and as I learned the hard way on the cruise), geeks cannot be exposed to sunlight for long, so you can't tell from the outside...

You can sort-of tell that there's a dolphin in the water.

We drove over to Coronado for dinner, to go to a little restaurant that I had passed by on my previous visit.

Dad, on the famous Coronado Beach, right in front of the Del.

Mom, walking into the waves.

Sunday morning! Dad, Amy, and I went to Comic-Con!

After waiting in many lines, we got to see everyone's favorite Nathan Fillion and a few cast and crew members from Castle (clearly not the reason most people were there). They did a nice panel about Castle; I should really watch the show some time! Note the Jayne hat in the bottom right. There were *tons* of those at the conference.

Felicia! Too intimidated by the adorableness in real life to say hello? Maybe! Is that creepy? No.

The trolley signs were replaced with Klingon, apparently by SDMTS themselves. Lacking Matt, this made them entirely unusable to us, so we walked out of range of the insanity (into the shadow of Petco Park, clearly the anti-Comic-Con) and had Mom come rescue us.