EMPAC Weekend!

2008.10.04 in photography and school

Yay! It's finally the opening weekend of the "Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center", or as we've all been calling it for a whole year now, EMPAC. It's a pretty big deal for the school, and is almost certainly the sink of most of our tuition money (along with the new athletic village, which makes even less sense...), so hopefully it turns out to be all we're hoping it does!

Amy came down for the weekend to say with Robb and I and to go to the opening weekend events we'd gotten tickets for; to pass the time tonight we went and saw Get Smart (again) at UPAC; we dragged Matt and Robb (who hadn't seen it before) along with us...

Tomorrow we're going to go to a concert, and various other EMPAC events... should be interesting!! Tonight they've got lots of searchlights (which, of course, made light-pollution-aware Matt somewhat unhappy), as you can see in the picture below!