D7000: Video

2010.12.21 in photography

I have two posts stewing - one about a new project (which will probably be held until 0.1) and one about winter break and such, but I realized I never followed up on my D7000 post. So, here's some video!

It's just clips thrown together, no story or anything. It's also mostly low-light video, so it's rather noisy. I haven't had much chance to be in the sunlight with the camera, since it's so cold. We're going on vacation somewhere warm next week, so I'll probably have a bunch of good video by New Year's.

Definitely crank it up to 720p. It doesn't look as awesome as the original here, but at least that comes close!

Also, mute the audio! I uploaded it with the audio from the clips intact accidentally, and YouTube's audio swapping doohickey wouldn't let me replace it with silence (as far as I could see anyway). So I replaced it with a random song, which doesn't fit at all. Turn. It. Off.