Class of 2010

2010.06.20 in personal

Just a few hours ago, yet another class of Colchester High School students walked down a makeshift aisle in their gymnasium to the sound of their own names being called, to become Colchester High School graduates. Through the cheering, beaming smiles, and flying caps, there was — as there always is — a slight sense of doubt, mostly due to the as-yet-unanswered questions, "O.K, now what? What's next? Where am I going?" For at least thirteen years, the answer to that question has come easily to most of this class: "School, then graduation."

Today was the intended destination for most of them, and now it's done — the majority of their life's expended effort, finally come to fruition over the course of just a few hours. What they have yet to realize is that this is something to be excited about: for the first time in practically their whole life, each graduate now has control over the new answer to that question. Now, it's finally time for them to really define themselves, for themselves; to come out and shine, and to determine for themselves the answer to "Where am I going?" It might not always be as easy as being given a clear and uniform purpose, but it is assuredly more exciting, and also significantly more satisfying when you make progress towards that goal.

This class is very special to me personally, as it includes my little (only) sister! She can't even imagine how proud I am to have seen her up there, leading the packed-full gym in the Pledge of Allegiance, and walking — along with her good friend Meredith — as the first pair of students down the aisle. Nor can she know how amazing it's been to see her grow up and become who she is today, through all of the exciting and happy times of the first 18 years of our lives together. It's certainly been an honor.

Amy thinks that she knows what the answer to my question will be: "three more years of school, then another graduation!" — but that's not it. While she may be going to MCPHS for the next three years, and graduating once again, this time with the class of 2013, the answer is no longer "graduation" — it's now more complicated — "Where am I going?" becomes "Who will I be when I'm done?" instead — and she doesn't know that; no one can. But, as she'll soon find out, figuring that out is truly the fun part...

There are 350 adorable pictures from graduation on Flickr. Note the pagination.