Chromium on OS X

2009.03.30 in code

Chromium is surprisingly usable on OS X at the moment. There's some quirky bits in rendering (which are funny because of the whole it's-really-WebKit thing), and you can't reorder tabs at the moment (they drag out and don't reattach to the window). I haven't crashed it yet...

In any case... I'm rather impressed with how far it's come so far, what with nearly nobody ever actually talking about it. Nate is convinced it'll be a worthy competitor to Safari, but I don't understand what a browser could offer that Safari doesn't already :-)

Oh, also... Google's SVN server is a million times faster than Apple's. I checked out all of Chromium (including a whole checkout of WebKit) within an hour. Which is significantly faster than the half-a-day it takes to get from Apple's SVN or Git. And build was really fast, too. But I've never built WebKit+Safari, so I have nothing to compare with (still, I'd say the overhead of Chromium+V8 over what WebKit normally takes to build was minimal...).

Try. It. In a few months...

P.S. Wrote this from Chromium!