Campus at Night

2008.11.26 in photography and school

I'm bored here because everyone already left (except, apparently Gino/Tara/Cecilia/Kevin, but none of them live here)... so I ran around for a few hours taking pictures...

Photoset here.

Most interestingly, a "little planet"... the best (of, to be fair, only two) I've made so far...

Clockwise from Cogswell (the really big one that consumes most of the left side of the picture): Cogswell; little tiny EMPAC (you can really only see the roof); Folsom (the library); VCC (the Church/Computer Center); JEC (first brick building); J-ROWL (L-shaped brick building); you can just see Academy Hall between J-ROWL and Cogswell again. Cool!

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