Bookmarks, in 2004

2010.06.27 in personal

I just found a backup of my bookmarks from a Linux install in 2004. Oh, how things have changed. To put things in perspective, I was 15, used Gentoo (and KDE!! instead of GNOME) and OS X (the latter for less than a year, at that point), and was working on remerge (link excluded for the health and benefit of readers)... pretty bizarre.

Thirteen out of the 32 links are dead in some way or another. 40% bit rot over the course of six years... not good!

KIO Namespace Reference (kio Library)
Gentoo Linux Documentation -- 2004.1 Information Guide
Options for Theme Engines
Chapter 3. How to make themes for KSplash
Gentoo Forums :: View topic - The Gentoo Framebuffer, Bootsplash & Grubsplash How-To
Network Theory Ltd - Making and Applying Patches - A short introduction to GNU diff and patch
Comparing and Merging Files
Mozilla CVS Modules
Bash Guide for Beginners
The Programmer's File Format Collection
Open Ideas
idea a day
Linux Network Programming, Part 1
Linux Socket Programming In C++ LG #74
Programming Linux sockets, Part 2
Logitech Quickcam QC-USB driver for Linux Books: C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
Index of
Video for Linux resources
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
NewOS Source Changes
mplayer - movie player for linux
The Termcap Library
MSN Messenger Protocol - Home Page
Qt Designer and KDevelop-3.0 for beginners
Qt Reference Documentation (Free Edition)
JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help