Back at RPI!

2009.09.04 in school and thoughts

Last Friday, I left Colchester for Troy once again; this time, instead of heading for an RPI-run dorm, I'm living in my first apartment, along with Matt, Mike, Nate, and Robb (surprise!). There are some random pictures of us around the apartment at Flickr, of course.

Classes started this Monday; my schedule doesn't look too bad (no class before 10, and even that's only two days a week):

I've been to one session of each class by this point, and they all seem pretty reasonable. Our Machine Learning professor seems to be one of the most coherent computer science professors I've ever met, but we'll see what I'm saying in a few more weeks! Intermediate Video is taught by a relatively recent (2004) graduate of RPI, which should be interesting (besides the always-interesting CS-major-in-an-EMAC-class dynamic).

The walk to campus isn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. Ten minutes or so, which isn't that much worse than the 7-10 it took the last two years. Also, Carol's (and Kim/Zarin/Christine/Jillian and Gino/Marcus/Nick/Andrew's) place (I feel like that's one-too-many-girls or one-too-few-boys, but I can't imagine who I'm including that doesn't belong/forgetting that does belong... it's confusing because there's always so many extra people there!) is on the way to campus from here (which also provides a great place to hang out in the gaps between classes).

Anyway, there's lots of other little things to talk about, but I'll write about them later. I'm just glad that we're all back to Troy, Kaitlyn's happily back in school, and Amy is (somewhat less happily) back at school too! (Amy's coming to Troy this weekend with her new Mini 9 to OS-X-ify!!)