2010.05.18 in code

Since the semester's over, and I've got a week until work starts (I'm flying to San Diego on Saturday), I spent a little bit of time working on a tiny Cocoa program Nate had been writing:

It's a very simple program called AverageLapse, which takes a sequence of images (or, alternatively, a video that Quicktime can decode) and outputs the running average at each frame as a JPEG. It's also very parallelizable — I took this opportunity to play with libdispatch for the first time, which was neat!

For example, here's a frame from a timelapse (from OpenFootage):

This turns into the following video (if the HTML5 video below doesn't work in your browser, it's on YouTube too):

If you want to try it out and you're feeling experimental, check out the code from GitHub. Otherwise, I'll make a post with a 10.6-only binary later in the week.

P.S. Another interesting sample output video here.