Apple-Jack Chicken Pizza with Caramelized Onions

2008.08.13 in fooding

On July 19th, Tim and I made food for ourselves, while Mom and Dad were at the neighbor's house for dinner. We decided to make our own pizza which has apples, cheese, chicken and onions.

Our first adventure was to make a crust for the pizza. Now, we're good at making pie crusts, but a pizza crust is a completely different thing. It turned out to be not as much trouble as people made it out to be, but trying to figure out how to cook it so that the crust didn't burn, but the top bits got cooked enough was interesting.

Tim cooked the chicken (as always) and I cut up the apple and onions. We piled that on the semi-baked crust. Then we poured on the cheddar cheese and attempted to do the same with the pepper jack cheese. See, we couldn't find any shredded pepper jack, or a bar of it. So we bought slices. And then we had to shred it. We tried to use the large grater, but that failed. So Tim used the spinning hand held cheese grater—which worked perfectly. With all of our ingredients on the top, we put the pizza in to cook for another 10 minutes. When it came out, it was just browning and smelled great.

The pizza was excellent. We cut it up in to 9 pieces, and had it for lunch the next day as well. It tasted great and was quite simple to make. The crust worked extremely well and the apple/cheese combination is really good.

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This one sounds really good!


I'll be expecting Tim to make me foods next semester.


Hahahaha how will I cook without Amy? Carol-substitute mebbe.