A Trip to San Diego

2010.05.22 in personal

22:33 PST — Made it! Got a taxi to the apartment complex, wandered around with my 40+ pound bag 'till I found the right poorly-marked building. Roommate had gotten here a few minutes before, seems awesome :-) The place is nice, everything looks good, hopefully! That's the end of this post, then!

21:22 EST — Turns out first-time in-flight WiFi is free; silly me! So now I'm posting this. From a plane. Awesome.

21:12 EST — We're over Albuquerque, apparently. I'm switching all of my clocks to PST. I should have waited to see if Apple's magic location-based timezone code works, but it certainly won't work here.

18:37 EST — I can't look out the window any more, it hurts my eyes too much. I wish I had this much light on the ground all the time (ISO 100, f/10-12, 1/400s, LOL! it's like shooting a lightbulb...) Should have put headphones in backpack; whoops.

18:31 EST — Here's some meaningless nonsense that Photoshop HDR just spit out. Garbage in, garbage out, I suppose... the plane is moving, the clouds are moving, I'm moving, etc.

18:23 EST — Took some pictures of clouds; neat! I have the whole half-row (the three seats on the right side) to myself... how bizarre? And most of the rest of the rows only have two people in them. Very empty flight, though there are still a lot of people here. We theoretically have in-flight WiFi, but I'm not paying for that sillyness! (someone should bring two wireless cards, and ...)

17:09 EST — Made it to my outgoing gate in Philly! The landing was a bit bumpy, but not horrible. Got off, had to take a bus to terminal C to get to the right gate; checked it on the display before I left, it said C24, by the time I got there it was C27 (I heard "San Diego *mumble*" on the intercom, so I made sure to double check). Got there in plenty of time, anyway, as it was only a few more feet.

16:12 EST — Apparently everyone (our stewardess especially) wants to go to San Diego instead of wherever they're going. Ha! Come with!

14:40 EST — Sitting next to two thirty-or-fourty-something test pilots in BTV having mid-life crises. Pretty funny guys (apparently they just became the first two to go through the training program for some bizarre new aircraft).

14:22 EST — At Burlington International; I got a "how many laptops do you have with you, sir?" at security. Only two, sir. Boarding at 14:58, hopefully.